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ENROLpro Student Management System Software

Developed in 1999 by New Zealanders for New Zealand Tertiary Education Organisations that report to MOE, NZQA, TEC, Study Link, WINZ, Immigration NZ and more. The system has been certified by the Ministry of Education since the year 2000. 

Modules include:  Basic - Sales & Marketing - Fees and Financials - Academic - NZQA - SDR - TEC/ERS - NSI - Attendance - Job placement - EFTS forecast. 

Web Portals can be integrated to the system to read and write data from web pages linked to the live system. Portals include: Sales - Students - Tutors - Agents - Employers - Administrators. The system can be customised to meet specific needs.




SOSSpro - Social Services Software

Designed by New Zealanders for New Zealand Social Services Agencies reporting to The Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Social Development and Child Youth and Families - CYFS.

Complete management system integrated with Case Notes and Follow Ups. Multi-user Client/Server applications.

Modules include:  Basic (including client management system and budgeting) - CYFS - MOJ




MaxHydro - Hydropower Optimisation Software

MaxHydro is a set of interlinked computer programs that can be used as a decision support tool for hydropower system planning, analysis and operation. Used in:

Long and Short term reservoir operation of hydropower stations - Planning of energy production for new hydropower schemes - Multi purpose reservoir modeling and analysis including irrigation and water supply - Hydrothermal coordination.




Allocate - Optimal unit allocation

Designed to optimize the hydropower station efficiency by allocating the power load to each generating unit such that the total station outflow is equal to a given discharge and the total station power is maximised.

Allocate will help to get the maximum from the power station, produce the required generation output with minimum amount of water and run the power station in the most efficient way. In addition Allocate will help improve current operation and enable user to check different what-if scenarios.